How to stop the monthly period?

If  you throw the a random group of women about the menstrual period you’ll  get a mixed reactions. Most agree that it is “part of being a woman” and whoever was not having a period,  misses something. “But however, the need to neutralize or at least ease the side effects, is motioned many times and have qzz in your life.

Dr. Stacy Choo, obstetrician insists that all this can be stopped, and now. “The doctors, we tell our patient turnover each month it is good – it means balanced hormonal and you have ovulation, menstruation, but in fact it is not a good thing: it has the same symptoms of inflammation. After all, no one really ‘enjoy’ her cycle, so why not avoid the menstrual period?“. you can read more on Stacy’s article how to stop the menstrual period on

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