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cops and bandits video slot review

cops and bandits
played for fun at casino com cops and bandits video slot
Video Slot bonus 100% up to $/€/£ 400
We deposited $0
total to play with € 200
winnings € 650
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what we did step by step
cop and bandits video slot: cards and symbols
cop and bandits video slot:
cop and bandits video slot:

General info:
This video slot is really fun and pays out!!
It a 5 reels - 30 lines video slots, so the minimum bet is €6

Our suggestion is to deposit enough for 30 games – around €180. The graphics are great and the sound not too annoying; we especially liked the intro to the game.

The first thing we noticed was the very amusing intro to the video slot . We liked it almost immediately.
We started to play this slot with €158.20, and set the line bet to the minimum €0.20. That added up to a €6 bet per spin, A little over 25 spins.

After 10 spins we stand on €189.20, we have noticed that the payout on some cards start when 2 of them align instead of three. And there are a lot of wild cards.
We played a few more spins and then we hit the line up bonus – by the way great graphics.
We won €174 after clicking on 3 wrong suspects – lucky we are not real cops :P

cop and bandits video slot:
cop and bandits video slot:
cop and bandits video slot:

We played over 31 spins after that to trigger yet another line up bonus!!! We clicked on the entire suspect line and the last one was the real thief.
We won €120 (you should always start at the right purple thief), we decided to play auto spin until feature (€286.20)
when we were almost desperate (€68) we won over €252 with 4 wild cards on board. Since we were on auto play we couldn’t take a screen shot.

We decided we love this video slot and we will make it big!!!
We stopped when we got to €45.20…and then we said what the hell, its only money :), so we lost a few more spins and then we hit another 4 wild cards to win €88 (now on €107.20) before we called it a day.

Our opinion: a lovely video slot . Plenty of bonuses, a lot of wild cards and over all - potentially big winning video slot .

Update: We came back to the cops n' bandits video slot after winning the fantastic 4 video slot , to try again to trigger the free games.
We started this round with €338. We agreed to spend only €138 on this slot and if we won't win we will leave it alone. After a few spins, we triggered the line up bonus again!!
This time we head our own advice and clicked on the far right thief to win immediately € 360

We played for a few spins (like 30) to trigger the line up bonus once more!!! In this bonus you can win up to $360 for a $6 spin bet! We clicked on the right thief on the 4th try and won €192 in total. (Now we stand on €750!) So we put it on 25 auto spins in hope to trigger the free games. Didn’t happened (€673) since we were still up a little over €330 we decided to play more. But no more than 50 spins. After 22 spins we got another line up bonus ? to win €228 (now up almost €500) we went and risk some of those winnings again – to get to €700 and then we will go out. We went out with €650, and we had fun.

the bonuses
cop and bandits video slot:
cop and bandits video slot:
cop and bandits video slot:

The badge card – free spins bonus:
Get 3 or more anywhere to trigger free spins, you can choose one of the badges to determine the number of free games to play. If you manage to have 4 or 5 badges anywhere, then you can choose 2 and they will be added - you can win up to 65 free spins!! During the free spins bonus, you can have the locked wild bonus to win loads of money.

The locked wild bonus:
Only During the free spins, if a cup card is to the side of a thief that is on reels 2,3 or 4, that thief becomes a locked wild card for all the rest of the free spins (but not the last free spin) .

The line up bonus:
If you can get the line up bonus card anywhere on reels 1+3+5 you trigger the line up bonus (we like that one!!).
Then you get to choose from a lineup of 6 suspects to win the amount on the top of the screen, every time you choose wrong a sum is deducted from the prize.

where to play

you can play this excellent video slot on all PlayTech based online casinos, we loved to play it at because you can choose to play at Flash casino or download the software. and thats on top of the great casino bonus promotion of 100% up to $400 for your first deposit.