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The first and most important tip I can give you about playing video slots, is to never bet more than you can afford to lose. Because lets face it. It is a game of luck.

However, there are a few ways to have a little advantage.

some general information
how to play video slots

Before depositing and start to play video slot you must know a little bit about the different kinds of video slotsavailable in the online casinos world.

video slots are built from reels and lines, reels is the vertical window of the slot cards, and the pay line is the horizontal line that the reels form. The first and most simple kind is a 3 reels 1 lines video slot; this is the basic form of slot available out there.

Then you a lot of variation of reels and lines, the most common is the 5 reels +20 lines video slot, with its several lines possibilities. There is no way in the world to say which of the video slots is the most profitable, however we noticed that a 5 reels 20 lines slot has better graphics and better bonuses and features.

Line Bets, Coins value and total bet
coin value

The total bet used for each spin is calculated from two parameters:

The first one is the coin bet in which you can choose the value of a single "coin", the value depends on the video slot you have chosen. Usually it starts at a value of £0.01 and can be as high as £5.

The second one is the bet per line; usually it's between 1 to 10 times the coin value.

So in order to calculate how much a single spin bet will be you need to consider the pay lines, the coin bet and the line bet. If you play at 20 pay lines video slot, and the coin bet is set on £1 and the bet per line is set on £10 each spin will cost you: 20*10*1=£200

Warning - dont let it happend to you
before the first spin

Please take care of that first spin and check the coin value, bet per line and total bet before spinning. one of the most frustrating things that can happen is to lose all your bankroll on the first spin.

In online video slots, there are a lot of bonuses, free games, winnings multiplier, wild cards etc. this is where you can make it big time. However, to do that right, you need to follow some rules.

Check out our online slot gambling rules here

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