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about us

We are a group of independent video slots enthusiasts that love the adrenaline of gambling and winning. The video slots bonus website is dedicated to provide you with information about the best video slots bonus out there. So you gamble at ease at your favorite video slot game.

At the moment we are 5 people, editing the website, adding the content, viewing the different games, and most of all evaluating the online casinos. 2 of us has worked at a casino in the past, so we have the inside information we need. Plus we all love to play, so we will know what you want from your side as well.

At our website, you will find only video slots that; a) belongs to a reputable software provider and are up to the industry payout standard; b) all of them are games you can play for real money or fun mode; c) we intent to review the video slots with interesting features and bonus rounds

Regarding our recommended online casinos, we will recommend only casinos we have tried personally. We will make sure that you can withdraw your money as fast as you can deposit it before recommending any online casino to you. And you can rest assure, all of them are viruses free.

We surely hope that will helps you in choosing the best video slots games, and the best bonus available to gamble with. And may the lady luck will visit you and grant you a major jackpot.

If it happens that you won, or if you have any doubts, comments or just want to contact us, please be welcome to do so by using the following email: mail[at]videoslotsbonus[dot]net

Meet the team:

Mike D.
the knife

A.K.A "The Knife" he used to work as a software developer at one of the major casino software provider, at the moment he is "between jobs" so he will be in charge of updating every piece of written junk we send his way. He is called "the knife" for his uncontrollable desire to cut to the chase.

John S.
The Leprechaun

A.K.A "The Leprechaun", he is our most profitable asset, since the lady luck is sitting in his pockets, with winning record of over £ 20,100 at different online casinos, usually he is playing the roulette (where he always lose) but the video slots are is natural playground and there he rules.

Bill M.
The professor

A.K.A "The professor" he teaches Mathematics in one of England most reputable establishments, according to his students he is boring to death. A fearsome blackjack player, poker player and golf (?) too. Can tell what is your percentage of winning anything from a beauty contest to a major jackpot without sweating.

Jack B.
The Dealer

A.K.A "The Dealer", he used to be a very fast poker dealer in underground poker games. Love the cards, loves to gamble at slots too. He can tell you what are the latest offers in half of the online casinos out there. He will be in charge of picking our recommended casinos for you.

Suzan M.
Don’t Touch That

A.K.A "Don’t Touch That" , she is our very own decoration committee. She will be reviewing Mike's work and make sure he doesn’t step out of line. She is known also by her violent reaction when someone is trying to taste what she cooked before she serve it to the table.