video slots reviews

video slots reviews

We have two kind of video slots reviews available: real money review and fun mode review. Each of the video slots reviews are carried out in the following manner, first we choose a casino to play in, then we starts the review in fun mode.

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general information

We call this section the general information, every review we have done starts the same. First we try and figure out what is the story behind the video slot, some cases are easy while other we still don't have a clue if they had a story to begin with.

Paylines and settings

video slots

The second step will be to find out how the video slot betting goes; In terms of coin bet, line bet and total bet possibilities. This is a very basic step yet essential to determine if the specific slot game is within our budget reach, we will not start any real money video slots reviews without making sure we fully understand how much every spin is going to cost. After that we go into the specific video slot information to better understand what the pay tables are, if there is a card or a symbol that pay from two in consecutive, or maybe even a control feature we have missed. Most of the time it is in the cards and symbols screen shots.

We always mention the graphics and sounds or any other setting available for the player.

the bonuses

We call this section the bonuses, and they are the main part of each of the video slots reviews - it is where you make the money. And this is why we start always with fun mode review…it give us the chance to measure the percentage of the bonuses trigger. If a slot doesn't give you a nice bonus round every 50 spins or so, it is a losing video slot, not always, but most of the times.

Real Money video slots

real money video slots

Only after we had reviewed the video slot with at least 200 spins in fun mode, and only then we go into the real money mode. The real money video slots reviews mode is not something we do lightly, mainly because we don't have the budget to do so properly. The main issue with video slots is that if you win a big bonus round, you tend to stay and try to win more.

This is a mistake - the best thing for you to do is flee with the money, and try another video slot. The reason is simple, every video slots reviews we have done so far shoed us the same thing, there is a big bonus round only every 70 spins or so, the rest are losing spins or small win ones, therefore if you have just won a big bonus go play another slot.

Step By Step Real money reviews

fantastic 4 real money video slot

The real money video slots reviews are done step by step, with screenshot all the way. WE even Try and keep the count of the spins we have done for you to have a better knowledge of the exact percentage the real money video slots has to pay out, We already have a nice amount of reviews done the same way, it's taking time to process and luck to maintain this kind of reviews rate and we hope to keep it up.

Final notes

By now you can find dozens of free video slots review in the online video slots section of the website, at the moment however, we have done only one real money video slots review. We promise we are the in the process of doing a real money review for every slot game we find, it will take some time though so don't hold your breath. Meanwhile, Enjoy and may you catch a jackpot…