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Thor video slot
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The story behind
thor video slot: welcome

Everyone knows the story behind this video slot, at least those who have seen the successful movie from marvel studios. Well, Thor video slot has all the characters from the movie and the features are similar to those of the movie, including the 3 planets the plot takes place at.

general information
Thor Video Slot: cards and symbols
Thor Video Slot: pay lines
Thor Video Slot: free spins paylines
Thor Video Slot: graphics

Cards and symbols:
There are 12 symbols available in Thor video slot, Including: the main movie characters that also trigger the bonuses, Thor as the wild card - appears on all reels and stacked on reel 2 and 4, The Hammer (we can't pronounce the name anyway) that act as scatter and 5 cards. In addition, during the free spins, two more symbols will be added to that we already mention above.

Pay lines:
Thor video slot has two sets of pay lines. This is quite unusual and we never saw anything similar before. In the main game there are 30 lines over 5 reels however in the free spins the pay lines change, still with 5 reels but slightly different. The maximum payout is 5000 times the line bet. Every payout is calculated by the line bet, except from the scatter that wins 3 times the total bet minimum. The minimum line bet is $0.01 over 30 lines - minimum total bet is $0.30.

Thor video slot graphics are astonishing, Playtech really out did itself with Thor video slot. Before loading there is a nice intro. The features come up nice and colorful and the music is not so annoying. Another interesting feature is the possibility to auto spin for up to 99 spin or until a feature is triggered - we always like that one.

the bonuses
Thor Video Slot: stacked wilds
Thor Video Slot: thunder respin
Thor Video Slot: lightning free spin

Stacked wild features:
As we said before, Thor wild card is stacked on reel 2 and 4. Every time during the main game one of those reel is covered with Thor wild cards you will trigger a feature. Note that you cannot trigger another feature during those feature.

Thunderstorm respin:
This featured is triggered when Thor symbol cover the entire 2nd reel. When triggered, you will be awarded one respin with the entire second reel as a wild card.

Lightning free spin:
When Thor will cover the forth reel, you will be awarded with one free spin, In which you will get two to five wild that will be randomly distributed on the reels.

Thor Video Slot: rainbow bridge feature
Thor Video Slot: jotunheim free spins
Thor Video Slot: Earth free spins

Rainbow bridge feature:
When the Gatekeeper covers the third reel, you will be taken to the rainbow bridge. The you will have to choose an orb that can take you either to Jutonheim or to earth for infinite free spins. When triggered from within a free spin mode, you will have to pick an orb then can send you for more or collect. All free spins are played on special reels and have different paylines.

Jutonheim free spins:
In this free spins mode only Thor and the gatekeeper are on the third reel. You will have an additional Laufi wild card. And the scatter hammer symbol do not appear at all. You will stay in Jutonheim free spins until the gatekeeper will cover the third reel and then you will be send back to the rainbow bridge.

Earth free spins:
Earth free spins mode, practically the same as in the Jutonheim. No scatter, Thor and the gatekeeper alone on the third reel, and you will continue free spinning until the gate keeper will cover the third reel and then you will be send to the rainbow bridge.

Thor Video Slot: marvel jackpot
Thor Video Slot: wild laufi feature
Thor Video Slot: scorching multiplier

The marvel jackpot:
As if all the above is not enough, Thor video slot also offer the chance to collect the great marvel slot jackpot. This feature contain 4 different jackpots, you will have to match 3 symbol to get the according jackpot - power, extra power, super power and ultimate power.

Wild Laufi feature:
During the Jutonheim, every time the additional Laufi wild card participate in an active pay line all the symbols on that pay line will be frozen for the next spin, guaranteeing you at least the same pay line and in most cases a better pay out.

Scorching multiplier feature:
During Earth free spins you will have an additional card available on the fifth reel, every time this card will appear, it will breath fire on 2 to 6 different symbols on reel one to four and engulf them in flame, the flames will stay there between 1 to 4 free spins. Every time a fire engulfed symbols participate in a winning pay line, the pay out will be multiplier by 2, 4, 8 and 16 respectfully to the amount of spins left for the symbol to burn.

Our opinion
Thor video slots: one of the best

We started this game with $2000 fun money, we triggered the rainbow bridge feature and played over 60 free games moving from one free spin mode to the other and back. We ended up with over $6000 fun money, great bonuses, great % to trigger the features.

Thor video slot is the by far… the best slot we reviewed here.